Longhorn Phenomenally Maxed YS

Photo Taken: July 26 2018

Phenomenally Maxed YS

  • Date of Birth: 09-01-2007
  • Female
  • TLBAA No: CTI253458
  • PH#: 16/7
  • IN PARTNERSHIP: Brian Varner of Longhorn Creek Ranch
  • This is one of my favorite Maximus ST daughters. She is huge horned. Inside of her spots is a wonderful brindle roan. Her son LVR Lucchase Blaze is a unique blue roan brindle, "Very Cool". His horns are exceptional for his age. We will be working with Phenomenally Maxed YS in our ET program over the next year or two.
  • Offspring: CV Casanova's Pumpkin, CV Casanova's Max, CV Casanova's Supermax, LC Pheno Max 35
Measurements TTT Date
Current 78 1/2" 04-28-2017


Phenomenally Maxed YS
Maximus ST
JR Grand Slam Gunman
JR Sequential
Maxi Confetti Prairie Kid 94
Miss Maxi Kick
Easy Choice Easy Street KK Phenomenon
Delta Victoria
Senator's Choice Senator
Safari B 1664
Last updated: April 24, 2019