"Celebrating 20 YEARS of Breeding and Raising Longhorns!"

Kelli and Todd McKnight

Kelli and Todd McKnight

In 2001, Kelli and Todd McKnight knew very little about cattle, much less those with very long horns. They were looking for something to complete their ranch property outside Abilene, Texas. Todd began to learn about Registered Texas Longhorns from some friends who had a local herd. The McKnight's began their longhorn journey with a tiny herd of three and named their ranch CedarView. Through on the job training, trial and error; Todd and Kelli, along with their three children, have fallen in love with the care and raising of this wonderful type of cattle.

It has been exciting and rewarding process learning about longhorn breeding, from the cattle themselves to the amazing network of breeders across the country. An unexpected blessing of raising longhorn cattle has been in the making of new friends who share the passion for the breed. So many breeders have shared their time and expertise teaching them how to build a high quality herd and they are very grateful.

The McKnight's moved to Pittsburg, Kansas (think southeast corner) in the summer of 2005 and the cattle drive was on. CedarView Ranch found a new home on 160 acres of lush green pastureland and the herd has continued to thrive.

Raising Registered Texas Longhorns has become not only a business but an enjoyable hobby for the McKnight family. They are constantly reminded through their cattle of God's power and incredible creativity. As this family works side by side building fence, branding calves and hauling hay, they continue to be grateful for all of God's blessings.

Give'm a call or drop by any time. They would love to show you around the ranch and help you catch the "bug" for longhorn cattle.

Last updated: July 22, 2021