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Longhorn HR Rebs Cricket

Photo Taken: July 12 2021

HR Rebs Cricket

  • Date of Birth: 02-27-2016
  • Female
  • TLBAA No: CI303588*
  • PH#: 1606
  • Sale Price: $6,500
  • Bull calf at side by Jammin Tex. Bred to RJF Lone Star Tuff for a Spring 2022 calf.
  • Offspring: Bull 1606
Measurements TTT Date
Current 71" 05-01-2021


HR Rebs Cricket Rebel HR WF Commando Hunts Command Respect
HR Slam's Rose JR Grand Slam
LLL Rosemary
EOT Rebel's Cricket 801 JR Rebel JR Grand Slam
JR Reba
Last Cricket Last Roundup
Cooper's Cricket
Last updated: August 10, 2021