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Longhorn BL Fantom Chex

Photo Taken: November 29 2009

BL Fantom Chex

  • Date of Birth: 04-01-2003
  • Male
  • TLBAA No: 69258
  • PH#: 327
  • Thanks to Dave Hovingh and Brent Bolen for leasing us this amazing horn producing bull. This bull is arguably the best Coach son in the breed. His dam LCR Buena Joya, is one of Bob Loomis' best producers, with 80" tip to tip. His first calves are outstanding. He is also a two time horn showcase champion with 66" tip to tip on his third birthday.
Measurements TTT Date
Current 80" 04-02-2011


BL Fantom Chex Coach Don Juan of Christine Classic
Miss Redmac 256 Classic
FM Graves 68
LCR Buena Joya Lucy Creek's Texas Legacy Lucy Creek's Quanah
LCR Miss My T Fine
Lucy Creek's Fina Joya Lucy Creek's Quanah
Miss Jinglebob 54/2
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