The Original Lean Beef

Naturally Healthy & Raised Locally

Do you care about the quality of the meat you eat? Are you looking for grass fed lean beef that tastes great and is raised locally?

Look no further . . . Registered Texas Longhorn Lean Beef

CedarView Ranch has been in operation for 20 years and is dedicated to raising quality Registered Texas Longhorns. Part of our program consists of raising locally grass-fed Longhorn Lean Beef to the perfect age for tenderness and flavor.

All of our Longhorns are bred, born and raised here on our ranch in South East Kansas.

ALL NATURAL * No Growth Stimulants * No Growth Hormones * No Steroids * GRASS FED * USDA


 Taking orders now for lean hamburger (97/3).
1lb Package - $7 per lb *** 10lb Bundle $6 per lb *** 20lb Bundle $5 per lb
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